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Deron Williams' basketball career began at an early age, with his Mom supporting his competitive spirit and his skills on the court. He attended The Colony High School in Texas, then attended the University of Illinois, where he led the Fighting Illini to the NCAA Championship game.

In 2005, Deron declared for the NBA Draft and was the No. 3 overall pick by the Utah Jazz. Since his arrival in Utah, Deron has led the Jazz to win the Northwest Division title in 2006-2007 and has guided them to the playoffs each year. It was the conclusion of that year that Deron and Amy established The Point of Hope Foundation.

Point of Hope creates opportunities to help raise funds that can directly impact the lives of children in need. The foundation has supported cancer research, children with autism, different scholarship funds, single mother organizations, Boys & Girls Club, and a number of different children organizations through grants and donations.

"Hope does not disappoint." -- Romans 5:5

"There are so many different causes, so many different diseases, so many people who have problems," Deron says of the foundations' broad reach. "Point of Hope is just about helping people, and kids, especially."

Deron and Amy continue to create more ways to support children in need through their Point of Hope Foundation.