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D-Will Assists on Brooklyn Parks Project


by Staff, January 22, 2013

With the help of Deron Williams and Red Bull, a Brooklyn parks project is about to get wings.

With every D-Will assist this season, $150 will be donated to a project designed to refurbish basketball courts in Brooklyn.

Deron is honoring the community that has welcomed him and the Nets this year with the Brooklyn's Got Wings project. Through a partnership with Red Bull and the Brooklyn Nets, every assist D-Will dishes out over the next two seasons will trigger a $150 contribution to the refurbishment of eight public basketball courts in the area. 

"My performance on the court will have a direct impact on refurbishing courts around Brooklyn," Deron said. "Hopefully, I will continue to rack up plenty of assists for my team and for the community with Brooklyn's Got Wings."

The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation is identifying the courts that need refurbishment and will be the beneficiary of the 'Brooklyn's Got Wings' mission. The first two courts selected will be announced during the All-Star break. All the courts are located within a two to three mile radius of the Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets.

"We know that Brooklyn needs some picking up," No. 8 said. "There's a lot of courts, a lot of places that kids should be playing good basketball where it's not the courts they should be playing on. So we want to find a way to go in and start to find a way to refurbish those courts."

Through Monday, January 21, Deron has delivered 311 assists, generating $46,650 for ‘Brooklyn's Got Wings' so far.  Based on his career average of nine assists per game, the contribution would come to $102,000 for the full season.

As D-Will tells it to SLAM Online, part of the inspiration for the project is his own experience growing up in a Texas town and playing on rundown courts.

"The court I grew up playing on was like 12x15 feet," Deron said. "It had 11-foot goals because people kept tearing it down. They raised it up to where no one could dunk on it. So it wasn't the greatest."

But D-Will said the project isn't about him, Red Bull or the Nets. The initiative starts and ends with the youth of Brooklyn, the ballers who play on courts with cracks, potholes and broken down baskets.

"I had a chance to do a photo shoot at one of the courts and walk around with the Parks & Recreation guys. They had already refurbished the park. But the basketball court was in bad shape. It needed new goals. There were holes and cracks in the court. It's a dangerous environment for kids to be playing on. So for us to be able to go in there and refurbish courts and make it playable so kids can go and play basketball, I think it means a lot to them."

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Fans can follow along with the tracking of Deron's assists at and by searching #brooklynsgotwings on Twitter for announcements all season long. 

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